10K White Roses Cafe in Cordova Cebu

10k White Roses Cafe location is at Barangay Day-as in the Town of Cordova, Cebu Philippines. This cafe features 10,000 glowing white roses at night which makes it quite attractive. It sounds interesting, right? Of course, thanks to the LED technology. These flowers comprise of “light-emitting-diode” (LED) by the way.

10k White Roses Cafe in Cordova

10,000 White Roses Cafe in Cordova Cebu

How to go to 10k White Roses Cafe?

Going to 10,000 White Roses Cafe in Cordova, Cebu is just easy.
Here is the Map for your guide.

10,000 White Roses Cafe Map

10,000 White Roses Map

Just drop at the intersection near the Gaisano Grand Mall Cordova. Actually, there are various mode of transportation to choose from.
First, is to hire a taxi.
Second, is you can hire a motorcycle “habal-habal” driver.
Third, is you can ride a “Pedicab” or locally known as “Traysikad”.
Fourth, is get a tricycle.

10k White Roses Cafe entrance and other fees:

Entrance fee is 20 pesos per person.
Parking fee is 10 pesos for small vehicles.
Food establishment near the 10k White Roses Cafe is the Lantaw Native Restaurant – Floating Restaurant.

Lantaw Native Restaurant in Cordova, Cebu

Lantaw Native Restaurant

First and foremost, if you plan to visit 10k White Roses Cafe, you have to go there late afternoon. You may also consider the timing of your visit. Since the place is very popular, big volume of crowd is expected on Saturdays and Sundays. So, plan your visit well. You can still enjoy the place even if there are many people though.

Consequently, you can absolutely enjoy the place if you go there in the afternoon during weekdays (Mondays-Fridays). For example at 5pm where the sun is about to set. In my opinion, the sunset at 10k White Roses Cafe is really spectacular to watch.

The spectacular view of the sunset at 10,000 white roses

The sunset at 10k white roses cafe

Meanwhile, while you wait for the Sun to set – you can take some beautiful photos at 10k White Roses Cafe at the same time. In fact, I have taken many photos but only few I consider a good shot. As a matter of fact, many of it got photobombed.

10,000 White Roses

Photo of white roses at around 6pm before the lights on

Above all, the most exciting moment is during at night, the turning on of the 10,000 beautiful LED White Roses. Well, you should see it yourself.

10000 White Led Roses view at night in Cordova

The luster of the 10k white roses at night.

By the way, next attraction in Cordova Cebu is the “51k Red LED Roses” at Cordova Home Village.

Credits to:
Google.com for the Map
CX for the Photos
10k White Roses Cafe for allowing me (CX) to take photos

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