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Celosia Flower Farm is situated in the mountainous part of Barangay Sirao, Cebu. It is a 50 minute to 1 hour travel from J.Y. Square, Lahug, Cebu City. This farm is also being tagged as the “little Amsterdam” in Cebu. The place is lively because of the vibrant colors produced by celosia flowers. The entrance fee is Php 30.00 pesos only per person. The place atmosphere is beneficial for family bonding, camping, lovers, friends, students, debut, pre-nuptial pictorials and others.

a guy surrounded by flowers

Celosia Flower Farm

Inside the farm you can see landscape like terraces or garden formed in different levels. By using this kind of farming technique, it enables the plants to grow freely and produce good quality flowers. The water supply is also properly distributed across the farm.

Sirao Flower Garden Cebu

Flowers and colorful hats

Celosia flowers are in-demand in all year round in Cebu because of many festivals or holidays being celebrated in different part of the province. In Sirao, aside from poultry, corn and vegetables, flower farming is also one of the emerging sources of livelihood of the locals.

the pathway with flowers beside it and decorated with colorful hats

The pathway in the middle of the garden

Sirao was a lonesome place before but now it is a tourist spot or destination. This is made possible by those hardworking farmers and farm owners who conceptualized and made the area a piece of heaven on earth.

a lovely flower i saw there

Flower bloom

The management of the farm is strictly imposing a “no stomping or picking of flowers” policy. But of course you are free to take pictures of it.

beautiful yellow flowers

Attractive flowers

I took a quick selfie shot as the rain was almost there, ready to fall.

selfie with the flowers

My selfie photo at the farm.

Another fresh flower which was about to bloom captivated my attention. It was irresistible, and so I took a photo of it.

a lovely flower

Gorgeous flower.

To wrap things up, my visit in Celosia Flower Farm was a huge success and gratifying. To see those rare flowers that cannot be seen in our backyard is a priceless experience. The farm is accessible but you should be very careful when driving because of the ups, downs, rugged, curves and uneven pavement of the road.


For first timers going to Sirao, let me share this quick travel guide.

Frequent and basic questions asked by tourists:

1. How to go to Sirao or Celosia Flower Farm? I am now in Cebu City.
Answer: Go to J.Y. Square Mall in Lahug Cebu City, there you can hire motorcycles (habal-habal) drivers.

2. How much is the fare for the motorcycle (habal-habal) ride?
Answer: You can negotiate it with the driver. The most considerate or reasonable amount is Php 200.00 pesos (per person) from J.Y. Square Lahug going to the farm and from the farm going back to J.Y. square (vice versa). Some drivers may ask for additional charge if needed, like for waiting you for a couple of hour.

3. Are there any other means of transportation that can take me to the farm?
Answer: You can hire a Van, a Taxi or a Jeepney.

4. How much is the entrance fee?
Answer: Entrance fee is Php 30.00 only.

5. Are there any merchandise in the area like souvenirs shops, local items and other goods?
Answer: Yes, there are number of stalls in the area selling newly harvested fruits and vegetables, bottled water, softdrinks etc. You can also buy souvenir items and other goods inside the farm at the entrance area.

6. Can I buy flowers too?
Answer: Yes, they sell it in a bunch, the price is ranging from 35-40 pesos. The price still depends on the demand and the season though.

7. I have queries, how to reach them through phone? Do they have a contact number?
Answer: You can call at this number 09469377891 (published on their facebook page Sirao Pictorial Garden and Camping Site)

Here is the map of Sirao Celosia Farm Garden:

map of sirao flower farm

Map of Sirao Celosia Flower Farm Garden in Cebu


I hope the tips i gave would somehow enable you to have a quick glance about the place before your travel.

Till next time guys. Travel pa more – CX


Nearby place you may consider to visit is Mountain View Nature’s Park.

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