Osmena Peak in Dalaguete Cebu

Osmena Peak (also known as O-Peak) is by far very popular than any mountain ranges in the whole province of Cebu not only because of its name being derived from a famous clan in Cebu but also because of natural landscapes, garden of vegetables, different crops, breathtaking cliffs, jagged hills, and the overlooking view at the wonderful shores of Badian Cebu.

Osmena Peak – The highest peak among peaks in Southern Cebu

a once in a lifetime pose at Osmena Peak

Capture the best moments in life at Osmena Peak

The Location.
It is situated in the Southern part of Cebu particularly in the Municipality of Dalaguete. Osmeña Peak is approximately 1,000 meters above sea level that makes it higher than other mountain ranges in the area. The place is very accessible although there are some rough road pavements along the routes leading to the entrance of O-Peak. I believe that most of you people do not want to spend time on walking.

Oh well. I agree on some points, time is precious and walking would consume a chunk of your time especially those who have lots of activities listed in the itinerary and have to get back home quickly because they have work the next day.

But somehow, there are plus factors to your fitness if you can manage to depend on your feet and walk or hike to reach Osmena Peak. There are public transport available in Mantalongon, Dalaguete. Visitors / Tourists can hire and ride a motorcycle (habal-habal) or a multicab (small jeepney) for convenience especially those who travel by group. Just tell the driver that you will go to Osmeña Peak.


Economic and Tourism Potential.

Several Pinoy mountaineers from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao areas already climbed Osmena Peak. That’s why this place is included in the “must visit spots” or “must see places” in Cebu. To make your trip safer and informative, the local government of Dalaguete in cooperation with Department of Tourism (DOT) have assigned some locals as “Tour Guides” who are knowledgeable about O-Peak’s trail and history and to accompany all tourists going up and down the peak.

The highest peak in Cebu

Few steps away from the summit

I even heard that their tourist guides are trained with first-aid course before deploying them. This is part of the safety measures being implemented by the tourism department to prevent accident from happening. Besides, the trails going up the peak is absolutely easy, it does not require a skill of a professional mountain climber in order to climb. You just have to hike, maybe for about 20-30 minutes before reaching the peak from the starting point which is the entrance area.

Amazing experience and scenery upon reaching the summit

The panoramic view from Osmena Peak

Looking at the beauty of nature

At the summit, you can be able to experience the cool breeze touching your skin, the thick fogs due to low clouds floating in the atmosphere. This is the most awaited moment for you to have a photo shoot. Picture here. picture there. picture everywhere. But be careful when posing near the edges or cliffs because it’s deep and dangerous. To witness, absorb and enjoy these rare moments, you should go to O-Peak early in the morning before the sun goes up. For sure, as you witness the sunrise, you will see those marvelous mountain ranges and the green fields below, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of Osmena Peak and its surrounding. Truly it is worth the climb and time.

The awesome cliff at Osmena Peak

The eye-catching cliff view from the summit.

Dalaguete as Vegetable Basket in Southern Cebu

The people living in the area depend greatly on farming, poultry and hog raising as source of livelihood. They’re one of the producers of root crops, freshly harvested vegetables, corn and meat products to the nearby market especially in Mantalongon. While the tourism industry of Dalaguete is booming, residents in the area are taking chances to engage in tourism job and business opportunities such as being a tour guide, selling souvenirs, selling of food and beverages, transportation, trekking and camping equipment and more.

That’s why several travel and tour agencies are offering like trekking activity from Osmena Peak going to Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu. Tour packages will vary depending on how many persons or groups joining the adventure. The more guests or registrants with you means bigger discount on payment for registration. The peak season for this tour activity is during summer in the Philippines wherein most of Filipinos are having their vacations from school or from work.

Environmental Issues vs. Some Irresponsible Tourists

On the other side, there are negative effects that this surge of tourists traffic going in and out of the area especially during summer in Cebu. As a concern cebuano, my opinion and observation to some of us who do not think of the long term environmental problem that will be carried out due to our negligence and for failing to keep or maintain the cleanliness of the area.

Obviously, in the long run it will have a tremendous effect to our mother nature and the very first people that will suffer from it are those who are in the perimeter. May we realize that the trashes we have thrown anywhere contain toxic substances that could damage the natural composure of the soil and other living organisms. Also, my appeal to the campers, please avoid making bonfire or campfire in the area. So let’s be responsible guys. We’ll. that’s it, moving forward for a more beautiful and cleaner Osmena Peak.

It’s not too late to act and to help protect our environment from degradation. Just do what is right and we will be alright.

Like everybody else, I have objectives for climbing Osmeña Peak;

  1. To be a mountain climber for a day
  2. To reach the Summit
  3. To capture as many photos as I can at any angle

Travel Directions:

  • Ride a Bus bound for Dalaguete from Cebu City South Bus Terminal – Fare is approximately 130-150 per person. The travel time will take 3 to 4 hours depending on the traffic. For more information, let’s display some map from Cebu South Bus Terminal going to Dalaguete Cebu.
  • Tell the Bus driver or crew to drop you off at the Dalaguete Town proper or tell them that you are going to Osmeña Peak. Kindly see photo below as landmark that you are already in the Dalaguete Town.
Jump-off point or landmark at Dalaguete Town proper going to Osmena Peak

Dalaguete Town Proper – The jump-off point or landmark going to Osmena Peak

  • From the Landmark (Dalaguete Town Proper), there are many Motorcycle for hire which is locally known as Habal-habal. Fare for motorcycle is 200.00 pesos per person. Although there are many transportation options, I would suggest if you visit alone or with someone just ride with motorcycle. This way, you can help the locals for their livelihood. On the other hand, if you are traveling together with your family or group of friends better hire a van for your convenience.
  • Upon arrival in the entrance area, a certain person in-charge will ask you for registration fee which is 20.00 pesos per person. They will also require you to write your name and other personal information in a book for record purpose.
  • As part of the safety measures, tourists like you will be accompanied by a tour-guide throughout your tour. From my experience, the fee for the tour-guide will depend on you. That means, any amount will do. But, of course, if you are satisfied then, give him/her at least worthy of his time and effort 🙂
  • Just Relax. Tour-Guides are well-trained and very approachable. You can ask them everything about Osmena Peak and they will politely answer your questions. Of course be kind also to them 🙂

So enjoy your mountain experience.

For accommodation or lodging, resorts information and other eco-adventure activities that you want to explore and experience in Dalaguete, the best is to ask Dalaguete’s local tourism office. You can check their website’s tourism page and facebook page below.

Contact Information:

Telephone: (032) 484 8179

Website/tourism page: http://dalaguete.gov.ph/tourism/

Dalaguete Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/dalaguete?_rdr

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