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Let’s explore the Mountain View Nature’s Park in Busay, Cebu City.

Mountain View is considered a very romantic place because most visitors seen in park are lovers. But hey? let me tell you that also company employees and other groups are gathering in this area because of very relaxing ambiance, serene, and spacious of this place. Aside from that, this resort equips with function halls, swimming pool, play grounds, party area, cottages, videoke or karaoke and affordable rooms. Furthermore, due to tranquility, many religious organizations had their retreat in the park.

mountain view nature's park view at night

Mountain View at night

Where is the location of Mountain View Nature’s Park?

Mountain View Natures Park is located at Sitio Gorohe, Barangay Busay in the mountainous part of Cebu City.

What are the amenities of Mountain View?

It has swimming pool and lots of customized cottages designed for comfortable and romantic atmosphere for lovers, family and friends. The place is also conducive for corporate conventions because of spacious function halls equipped with multimedia systems.

What are the activities you can do in Mountain View Resort?

Families, friends, tourists, and lovers who would like a day visit in the place can enjoy the beautiful scenery until midnight or even ’till dawn. For kids, the playground is located in the upper part of the park, Kids could also enjoy playing in the pool because it has playing area. I just stayed there for a couple days, my room was located near the swimming pool. Whew.. very nice location :). I had seen many beautiful spots and enjoyed watching boys and girls swimming in the pool.

To be specific, the activities you can do in Mountain View are the following;

  1. Chill or Relax (Chillax) with your friends or relatives
  2. Swim at the swimming pool
  3. Party like there’s no tomorrow. Opss! You can do that when you rent one of their function halls
  4. Overnight Stay or it depends on how many days you would want to stay in the park. Of-course, you have to rent a room.
  5. Day trip, I’m sure this place will give you a relaxing touch by nature.
  6. Others..please do suggest.

What makes people decide to visit this place?

When you are from far city or place, perhaps you can stay and relax while experiencing the cold breeze at the park especially during evening. There are affordable rooms where you can have your sleep or stay for a night or even days depending on your budget (just ask the receptionist see contact numbers below this article).

Places to visit inside Mountain View Park

There are some entertaining and interesting places in the Park. I listed some below;

  • Wishing Well
  • Tree House
  • Picnic Area
  • Central Park
  • Mini Nayong Pilipino
  • The Barn – it is located in the middle part of the park. In the upper portion of it you can find the videoke bar and playground for kids. You could also find cottages and parking lot in the area.
  • Christmas Park
  • Twilight Zone
  • Millennium Cross
  • View Deck
  • Station of the Cross

Complete Information of the Resort:

Resort Name: Mountain View Nature’s Park
Location: Sitio Gorohe Busay, Cebu City, Philippines

How to contact Mountain View Resort?

Telephone: (6332) 231-5444 |(6332) 231-5454 | (6332) 516-4372 | (6332) 419-2083 | (6332) 419-2300

Mountain View entrance and other payments

Entrance Fee: Php 50.00 per person
Swimming Pool: Php 100.00 per person

Where to stay in Mountain View?

For visitors who want to have an overnight stay, you can ask for the availability of rooms from the resort’s crew. You can call them or directly go to their information office. Please see contact numbers above.

Cottage/Room Rates: Php500.00, 700.00 – 1,500.00/day for fan room or native and Php1,000.00 – 1,200.00/day for air-conditioned room

How to go to Mountain View?

Transportation: From J.Y Square, Lahug, Cebu City ride a taxi or habal-habal (motorcycle) or jeepney to go to Mountain View.

The park also offers transportation to visitors, kindly call them for more information.

For Mountain View Park Location, Kindly refer the Map below (credit: Google Map

That’s it. For more travel guides, please visit this link: Travel Pa More



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