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Kawasan Falls in Matutinao, Badian Cebu – is truly an awesome waterfalls with multi-layered fresh cool spring drops. This famous beautiful, cool, clean, fresh, natural tourist attraction which Badian folks should be proud of. Thinking of some of the coolest places to go in Southern Part of Cebu. In my list is Kawasan Falls in Matutinao, Badian Cebu.
The Kawasan has three major drops that makes it more spectacular to look at and of course to have a cool swimming session near to it is truly enjoyable. Some of the locals made bamboo rafts that are being used to go near the falls to give the tourists a one of a kind experience. You just have to pay 300 pesos approx. for 20-30 minutes use.

Kawasan Falls 2

Kawasan Falls – Layer 2 or K2

This is the Kawasan Falls Layer 2 or K2. This can be accessed from Layer 1 Falls or K1 and a 15 to 20 minutes of hiking and a bit climbing going up. If you can manage to go to the upper level of the place you can see the water streams and its green surrounding and rocks that gives support to maintain the water way. Many trekkers and mountaineers already reached this area. This water trail is important because it will guide them to reach their destination or the main road.

Water streams from higher level of Kawasan Falls

Flow of water from higher level of Kawasan Falls

It is amazing to see this old stone bridge which I think the foundation is still strong. This bridge already surpassed many earthquakes and typhoons but the physical structure is still intact and suffers no major damage. From the design, maybe this stone bridge was built by some foreign people.

The old bridge in Kawasan Falls

The old stone bridge in Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls - Badian Cebu K2

The closer look at Kawasan Falls Layer 2

Wow! The fresh drops of water and the green shade makes it more cool to see. Wait, before you swim, it is a must to wear a life vest or life jacket since fresh water is less dense than the salt water. So to have a safe, worry-free and enjoyable waterfall swimming experience wear your safety gears. If you don’t have any, you can rent one because there are business minded people in the area who are offering variety of safety gears for swimming. Life jackets for only 50 pesos for a day use. Affordable isn’t it?

Along the way you can see some rare flowers like below, which are growing in the area. It has big thick green leaves and white flowers with a pigment that produces a yellowish color in the inner or center part of it . As you can see, the stem is reddish and strong enough to hold the mystique flower. The unique physical attributes of this plant really gives nice impression to many tourists visiting the area.

kawasan falls - beautiful flowers

kawasan falls – beautiful flowers

While on your way near the Kawasan Falls, there are flowers you really can’t ignore because of its eye-catching colors


How to get there in Kawasan Falls?

To go to Kawasan Falls, please read some simple steps below:

At your starting point, whether you are from Mactan International Airport Authority (MCIAA) or within Cebu area you should ride a taxi or a jeepney or a van to take you to Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT). Please see the Map below (courtesy of Google https://maps.google.com.ph/)

Kawasan Falls- Cebu South Bus Terminal Map

Kawasan Falls- Cebu South Bus Terminal Map

Once you arrived at the Cebu South Bus Terminal, go directly to the designated ticketing booth or window where you can buy bus ticket for your ride going to Badian. Bus fare is more or less 160 pesos. (If you are hungry or want to buy something to eat or snacks, there are vendors selling variety of goods inside the terminal.) Better buy food to eat because 90 plus kilometers is far enough and will take 3-4 hours of travel depending on the road traffic and condition. Tell the bus ticket collector or the driver that you are going to Badian particularly in Kawasan Falls. So that, they will give you a heads-up once you arrived there. When you arrived in Matutinao, Badian where Kawasan Falls is located, there is a church called Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church. Right beside near the church is the entrance or way going to Kawasan Falls. Approximately 30-40 minutes of hiking before you can savour the beauty of the Falls. But. if you walk too fast, you can get there less than the expected time. Halfway of walking going near to Kawasan Falls, you will find their entrance fee collector’s booth where you can pay the entrance fee. After you pay, just continue your hiking and follow the trails until you reach the Kawasan Falls. The falls produces sound which you can hear even if you are at a distance. The stronger the sound, the nearer you of reaching the pristine Falls.

Accommodations and Amenities at the Kawasan:

There are rooms for rent in the area ranging from 1500 to 2500 pesos per day. For those who will stay longer, worry no more about your meals. Just ask the incharge of the room that you want them to cook for you. You can customize your meals according to your request. Of course, this is not free, charge will be added on top of your bill. So better know the price first before closing the deal.

Variety of cottages for rent, there are big and small ones. For big cottage – 500 pesos approx., for smaller cottage – 300 pesos approx. per day

  • Life jackets/vest – 50 pesos
  • Life preserver (Salbabida) – 100 pesos
  • Bamboo Raft – 200-300 pesos approx. per 30 minutes use. (it depends on your negotiation with the operator)

Some important points to remember in order to have a safe and enjoyable Kawasan Falls experience:

  • Don’t leave your valuable things unattended. If you have rented a room, put your things inside your room before swimming. Better to safeguard your things at all times.
  • Always wear life jackets in the water.
  • Swim only in the area that is shallow enough for you.
  • Don’t jump anywhere, ask the falls in charge or life guards if any where is the specific area for a safe jump.
  • Keep an eye on the children or to a person who don’t know how to swim.
  • Do not drink and swim. (Drinking alcoholic beverages or liquors affects your vision and ability to swim )


Note: Any figures given may be different from the actual amount, which is beyond my control. The distance presented was only an estimate value and not the exact measure. If there are some erroneous entries in this article, kindly inform me the right one and I will update the post. Thank you.

Enjoy your Kawasan Falls escapade. Cheers! – Cebuano Xplorer


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