Siquijor – Travel to the Splendid Island

Siquijor is an island where you can stay in the calm of nature, sunbath in the sparkling white sand beaches, explore the depths of the sea, witness the luxurious crystal caves and wonders about the history behind the enchanted centuries-old balete tree and churches.

This place is really mystical for me not because of its history pertaining to magic traditions but for having spectacular wonders like caves, waterfalls, butterfly sanctuary, marine ecosystem, pristine white sand beaches, historic churches built during Spanish times and clean seashores.

With all these things, aren’t you excited to visit Siquijor? Are you ready packing your stuff and making your itinerary? Do you already have your travel guide? If not. Therefore, you must read this article for you to have ample insights before going to the island.

Things to know about Siquijor Island

First of all, let me share about this wonderful place thru this article. So if you are planning to visit Siquijor Island, this travelogue may serve as your guide or tips to some important facts about this place.

Back then, Siquijor Island was being feared due to myths about sorcery and other rituals or traditions related to black magic by some people living in the area. But no hard proof was presented which could support the claim by some folks.

Nowadays, Siquijor Island or Isla del Fuego (Island of Fire) is transforming into fast emerging tourists destination in the Visayas. In fact, many tourists whether local or foreign are visiting the place. In addition, tourists especially foreigners are not just simply visit the place but some have chosen to stay for good. Some marry filipina or pinay and establishes business like resorts, bars or even hotels.

Furthermore, I consider Siquijor as one my summer destinations, why not? Well, actually, curiosity fuels my desire to explore the Mystical Island (Siquijor) and no surprise that the beauty of nature of this island satisfies my desire and it makes me enjoy a lot in my entire tour.

Best tourist spots and historical places for your tour in Siquijor

And so are a you a tourist and new to this island? Therefore, here are some of the activities that you can do to have an enjoyable stay in Siquijor Island:

  • You can do Swimming at the Beach – The most popular activity by the tourists in the island because most resorts have a long, wide, sugary sand beaches.
Tori's Backpackers Paradise Beach Front

Wide stretch of sugary sand beaches in Siquijor

  • You can do Scuba Diving – There are plenty of dive spots in the island that’s why many resorts offer dive services and dive equipment. Also, others are freelancers who offer the same services.
  • You can do Snorkeling –  Tourists are encourage to snorkels at San Juan Beach because of many corals and marine life in the area.
  • You can do Kayaking – kayak rentals are available in most resorts
  • You can experience Spelunking/Caving – challenge yourself, family, friends or colleagues to explore Cantabon Cave. This cave is approximately 800 meters long and it takes 2-3 hours of crawling, walking and climbing in going in and through and going out of the cave.
Cantabon Cave - Entrance

Cantabon Cave – The local tourism representative of Siquijor informs the guests about the entrance and other fees. They also conduct seminars about safety measures/ do’s and dont’s before going in and out of this cave.

Cantabon Cave

This is the entrance hole and the same time the exit hole of Cantabon Cave.

The King's Bed of Cantabon Cave in Siquijor

The King’s Bed – Inside the Cantabon Cave

  • Consider having a Fish Foot Spa – its location is in front of the Centuries Old Balete Tree in Brgy. Campalanas, Lazi, Siquijor. Entrance fee is only more or less Php 20.00. Around this area, you can see some locals have a mini-stores where they display souvenir items. Most of them are selling different locally made products.
Fish Foot Spa and the Centuries Old Balete Tree

Enjoy the experience of a foot spa, this time the fish tickles your feet

Centuries Old Balete Tree

The Centuries Old Balete Tree

  • Sight seeing at the View Deck – you can find it at the Camp Bandilaan, the highest peak of the mountainous part of Siquijor, most resort staffs and tricycle drivers knew where it is located, just ask them. During summer season in the Philippines, many of the Roman Catholic members are doing station of the cross at this area in observance of the Holy Week.
View Deck - Panoramic View

Panoramic View at the View Deck in Camp Bandilaan

  • Island Tour or Siquijor Tour – You can rent a motorcycle or tricycle for a day tour in the island. Many resorts offer this service, some are included in your hotel or resort accommodation. I have a list of some of the suggested tourist spots in the Island of Siquijor and its location are the following: Centuries Old Balete Tree in Brgy. Campalanas, Lazi, Siquijor, Capilay Spring Park in Circumferential Road, San Juan, Siquijor, Cambugahay Falls in Circumferential Road, Lazi, Siquijor (it’s location is approximately 2 kilometers north of the town of Lazi), Seaweed Farm in San Juan, Siquijor, View Deck Tower in Camp Bandilaan, San Juan Beach in San Juan, Tori’s Backpackers Paradise Bar and Restaurant, Salagdoong Beach, Larena Bell Tower, Guiwanon Spring Park, Butterfly Farm in Mount Bandilaan, Boljo Cave, Bulalakaw Natural Forest, Cagusua or Kagusuan Beach, Cang-Isok House in Brgy. Libo, Cangmatnog Cave, Canghunog-hunog, Eugenia Cave, Ilihan Cave, Tagmanocan Cave, Tuwalog Cave, Lugasnon Falls, Mt. Bandilaan National Park in Lazi, St. Francis of Assisi Church, San Isidro Labrador Convent in Lazi, San Isidro Labrador Church in Lazi, and others.
Capilay Spring Park - Entrance

Well, it is obvious that we are at the Capilay’s Spring Park. The park is free to access. You don’t have to pay for sightseeing and picture taking because it’s absolutely free.


Capilay Spring Park -Top View

Far view of the Capilay Spring Park

  • Jump into the clear blueish Cambugahay Waterfalls and experience Trekking
Cambugahay Falls - Lazi Siquijor

You can jump, swim and enjoy the day together with your family and friends in this waterfalls. They are collecting more or less Php 20.00 for the entrance fee. But, before you can be able to witness the beauty of this waterfalls. Your challenge will be the 135 steps going down and going up. Not so tiring, isn’t it? Well, it’s worth it.

Major Transportation System in the Island of Siquijor

The province of Siquijor is dependent on Tricycles (Motorcycle with sidecar) as their main transport system. It has a small airfield that can accommodate some small privately owned airplanes. It also has two seaports (pier), one is in the town of Siquijor and the other port is in Larena. These seaports are capable of handling cargo and passenger boats.

Some of the Famous Historical Spots in Siquijor:

      • San Juan Church in Macapilay
San Juan Church - Macapilay

San Juan Church in Macapilay

      • Lazi Church
Lazi Church

Lazi Church

      • Lazi Convent
Lazi Convent

The old Lazi Convent

Are you looking for a nice place to dine, a restaurant that can cater your gastronomical needs?

Then, don’t worry. Because most resorts/hotels are serving food, drinks and desserts to guests. Price may vary depending on the type of dish.


Languages used by the locals

Primary language is Bisaya, second is English – most residents are using the “cebuano” or “bisaya” as their medium of communication. But also, most locals understands and can talk English very well.


Siquijor’s Department of Tourism Information – Contact/Telephone Numbers

Telephone Numbers: (6335) 344-2088 | (6335) 480-9076
Fax: (6335) 344-2015
Email Address:

Travel – Breakdown of expenses: (as of current year 2016)

Ceres Bus fare (Airconditioned) Cebu – Liloan Port Santander – Php185.00
Boat/Fastcraft – Php62.00 regular/Liloan port – Dumaguete
Boat GL Shipping fare – Php130.00 reg Dumaguete-Sibulan 1hr eta
Start departure going to Siquijor 10:30/1430
Shipping – Lite Shipping/GL Shipping/Aleson Shipping Lines/Super Shuttle Ferry/Ocean Jet Shipping/Montenegro Shipping/George & Peter Lines
Hotel or Resort Accommodation – room rates is ranging from Php 1,500.00 and up. Price will depend on the ammenities and services included on your availed hotel/resort package.

Travel Guide on how to get to Siquijor by land, sea and air trip

(Still pulling data from different sources. This post will be updated once data for travel guide is already in place)

For more travel guide and destinations, please visit this link: Travel Pa More


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