51K Red Roses in Cordova Cebu

51K Red Roses is another emerging tourist attraction in Cordova after the 10,000 White Roses Cafe in Brgy. Day-as Cordova went viral online. Actually, this place is approximately a couple of kilometers away from the 10,000 white roses.

51k Red Roses in Cordova Cebu

51,000 Red Roses of Liza’s Little Garden at Cordova Home Village

51K Red Roses location is at Sitio Datag inside the Cordova Home Village.

It is also known as “Liza’s Little Garden” which is said to be an additional attraction especially for their guests. The garden has approximately 2000 LED Red Roses to be clear. The title “51k Red Roses” is just the objective of the owner to put up to 51,000 LED Red Roses.

51k Red Roses - Cordova Cebu

A beautiful Red Rose

How to go there?
Here’s the map guide going to the 51k Red Roses / Liza’s Little Garden:

51,000 Red LED Roses Map

Map going to 51,000 Red LED Roses which is inside the Cordova Home Village.

First of all, travelling to 51K Red Roses is just an easy task. You just have to drop at the intersection near the Gaisano Grand Mall in Cordova Cebu. Then, from there, you can take one of our mode of transportation below.

First, ride a taxi and tell the driver to bring you to the 51k Red Roses at the Cordova Home Village.
Second, hire a habal-habal motorcycle (if you are travelling alone or with a partner).
Third, take a pedicab “traysikad” – a bicycle with a side-car.
Finally, ride a tricycle to take you to the place.

Entrance and other Fees:

Entrance fee is 100 pesos for 11 years old and above.
50 pesos for kids 10 years old and below.

Consequently, it doesn’t seem to reflect the numbers of the red roses in the garden. Hence, visitors would ask “Why it is called 51k Red Roses?” Therefore, kindly ask the in-charge of the garden and they can probably give you a clearer view of their future plans.

51,000 Led of Red Roses at Cordova Home Village

The soft glow of the 2000 LED Red Roses at Liza’s Little Garden

Meanwhile, while you enjoy taking photos (selfies) in the garden – there are other amenities inside that you can enjoy.

The place has a swimming pool, rooms and cottages which you can enjoy once you visit.
For your questions, you can call them at the numbers listed below.

Contact numbers:
Telephone: (032) 514-9731 / 520-2363
Mobile: 0929-211-1825 / 0923-870-7162

Google – for the Map
CX – for the photos

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