Best Western Sand Bar Resort Cordova Cebu

Actually, I’m visiting the Best Western Sand Bar Resort for our company’s Fun Familia event. I consider it very exciting since it is my first time going to the place. You can find it at Victor Wahing Street, Alegria Cordova Cebu, Philippines. Surprisingly, this resort is popular spots among other hotels and resorts in Cordova Cebu.

Best Western Sand Bar Resort

Best Western Sand Bar Resort – Photo taken during my trip at the garden near the lagoon and facing the beach.

The Day Trip in Best Western Sand Bar Resort

As one of the guests, my first impression to this hotel resort is cozy. But the truth is – it is not cozy at all. As can be seen, even if the place, amenities and the ambiance is really nice and can compete with other 3-star hotels in Cebu.

Lobby of Best Western Sand Bar

I like the lobby of the hotel.

For a day-tour in the resort is a fun-filled activity for me because, I’m on a budget and time is precious too. Therefore, I want to get what’s worth of my money in return. As a matter of fact, common factor that guests want during their stay in a resort or hotel is the worthwhile experience. In most cases, guests can obtain satisfaction from efficiency in terms of customer service, type of amenities, accommodation, food delicacies and transportation.

Picture of the hotel

The Best Western Sand Bar Hotel.

If you stay for an overnight in Best Western Sand Bar Resort, you can experience the relaxing ambiance where your mind can unwind while waiting for the sun sets. In the morning, you can see the sunrise in the north east and the alluring overview of the crystal blue sea from the hotel.

Picture of the Lagoon

Best Western Sand Bar Lagoon facing the sea. From here you can have a panoramic view of the deep blue sea.

For me spending a bit for relaxation is really worth it especially when you work all week-long and need a break to free your body and mind from stress. Maybe this place can help you relax while enjoying the day with your family and friends.

Like other typical hotels, Best Western Sand Bar Resort features the following services, amenities to their guests:

  • Health Club – which primary objective is to provide their guests a healthy lifestyle and to stay fit.
    • Gym or Exercise Room
    • 3 outdoor Pools with different deepness with slides
    • Spacious garden for outdoor activities such as jogging and yoga
    • Massage Therapy service by certified massage therapists
Relaxation at the garden of the hotel.

You can relax at the garden area of the hotel. Guests also can do yoga and jogging early in the morning.

  • Sports and Recreation –  another attraction is to engage their guests in exciting activities either indoor or outdoor.
    • Island Hopping – guest should call the hotel reservation department for tour packages and for boat routes details.
    • Snorkeling
    • Kayaking
    • Volleyball
    • Board Games
    • Video Games
    • Karaoke
    • Hover-boards
    • Table Tennis
    • Fish Feeding
  • Rooms (You can call and ask for the room amenities and rates from their front desk officers. See Sand Bar Resort Contact Number. For more details kindly check their website:
    • Deluxe Sea-View – ideal for 2 adults and 2 kids. Extra bed is available per request
    • Premiere Suite – ideal for 2 adults and 2 kids. Extra bed is available per request
    • Executive Suite – ideal for 4 adults and 2 kids. Additional bed is available per request
    • Deluxe Suite – ideal for 6 adults and 2 kids. Additional bed is available per request
  • Restaurant – In-house Waves Bar and Restaurant which is open 24/7 to serve guests with tasty food and drinks.
  • Souvenir Shop – Sells local products especially made for lasting memories.

Furthermore, Sand Bar Resort also offers to host special events such as Weddings, Team Buildings, Family Reunions and the like.

Best Western Sand Bar Resort’s Contact Details:

For inquiries about Room Rates, Day Tour Packages, Entrance fee, Resort Amenities etc.

Telephone Number: (63 32) 517 9998 / (63 32) 238 4217

Fax Number: (62 32) 517-8889

Mobile Number: +63 928-559-1487

Email Address:

In addition, Sand Bar Resort in Cordova is also accepting online reservations. Kindly visit their website for further details.

Travel Directions in order to find the exact location of the resort:

Map guide going to Best Western Sand Bar Resort,

Getting to the Best Western Sand Bar Resort is very easy because, there are many Public Transportation available.

First is by riding a Taxi. From Mactan Cebu International Airport or from other areas from Lapu-lapu City or outside. Tell the driver the exact location of the resort and give any landmarks or nearby known establishments in the area.
Second is by riding a Jeepney. There are jeepneys bound for Cordova Cebu from Opon or Lapu-lapu Public Market.
Third way is by riding a Van for hire also known as V-hire. There are van route from SM City Cebu going directly to Cordova Cebu and vice versa.
You can ask for landmarks from the hotel’s information desk. Then, just call them through the contact number given above.
Picture taken from the gate area

Western Sand Bar’s signage near the entrance gate.

My Review for Best Western Sand Bar Resort

The highest rate is 10.0 points and 1.0 is the lesser point. To point out, I will review and rate Sand Bar Resort according to these important segments: food, location or place, service and amenities.
1. I will rate the resort’s food for 8.0 points
2. I will rate the resort’s place in general for 8.0 points
3. I will rate the resort’s service for 7.0 points
4. I will rate the amenities for 7.0 points
Note: In view of above review, the ratings are based from my own observation and experience.

Additional photos taken from the resort. Pools for Kids with slides

Pool and Slides area

Resort’s pool and slides made especially for kids.

Swimming pool for kids.

Most kids enjoy swimming with lifeguards watching beside the pool.

The kids' pool is spacious and really looks awesome.

Another photo of their pool area for kids probably for adult also? 🙂

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First of all, I wrote this blog to share my travel experience and to share my views with customers especially those travelers like me. Hence, I am not affiliated with the subject resort nor paid to write for them.
Please give me feedback if you found any typographical errors or wrong information presented herewith for prompt updating of this post.
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