Palawan Travel Guide – Exploring Philippines’ Last Frontier

Palawan Travel Guide aims to share some important information to the readers about traveling to Palawan.

Palawan Travel Guide - Featured Photo

A photo of a tourist at Cowrie Island Palawan during my Honda Bay Tour

Palawan is a pristine destination that can only be found in the Philippines. It is widely known here and abroad for having magnificent tourist destinations. In fact, the Underground River also known as “Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park” belongs to the “7 Wonders of the World”.

That’s why many people around the world are curious and want to go to Palawan for vacation and relaxation. In this regard, the creation of this Palawan Travel Guide article is timely and must be read by locals and foreign tourists should they visit the place.

Our focus here is to give some helpful insights, tips, information with regards on how to go to Palawan, where to stay in Palawan, where to eat/dine in Palawan and what to do when you are in Palawan.

To start with, let me share with you my experience. I have written this with all honesty and without hypocrisy. Because, I am just narrating what only transpired during my travel to Palawan.

It was long-booked plane ticket for a two-way or round trip from Cebu to Puerto Princesa Palawan and back to Cebu. We felt so lucky since we were able to avail the airplane promo selling plane seats at a lower price.

The month of September here in the Philippines, as we know, it is not a peak season for tourists whether local or foreign. But, because of Palawan’s reputation for having the beautiful Underground River, fine white sand beaches, dive sites, Ecotourism, heritage sites, and others make traveler like me excited to visit the place.

Well. As expected during September, its raining almost everyday. I was hoping otherwise and made my self believed for a sunny last weekend of September (I was just telling my mind about the weather i like), however, the history again repeats itself.

The month of September last year 2014 was also rainy and stormy due to certain typhoons. Now, It’s the same, Typhoon Jenny hit the northernmost part of the Philippines affecting almost the entire country with heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms.

Our flight already one or two hour delayed and it made me quite disappointed. According to the airline management, the delay was a result of air traffic situation with our airports. Well, after learning the situation, I just went to a coffee shop a enjoyed a cup of a black coffee while waiting for an update. Obviously, I was so excited to see the beautiful places in Palawan.

Well, after few hours of waiting for the flight, Finally boarded the plane bound for Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

“Oh thank GOD!” I said to myself as we landed safely despite the numerous turbulence encountered due to the bad weather. It was then raining heavily and it was almost zero visibility upon looking outside the window. Few moments after, we deplane and got our baggage at the baggage counter.

Right before this trip, we already booked and availed the service of a travel and tour company based in Palawan. So, within just a few minutes at the Puerto Princesa Airport in Palawan, we immediately proceeded to Roma Pension Bed and Breakfast (B & B) where we stayed and spent several days while in Palawan.

Had a good quality rest for several minutes and then without wasting time, we headed to the famous historical spots near the city. But since, City Tour is not included in our Tour Package, we just rented or hired a tricycle and the driver. The Tour lasted for almost a day and it was fantastic.

So let’s roll now our Palawan Travel Guide. Let me introduce first the place where to stay.

Where to stay in Puerto Princesa Palawan?

If you hire a travel agency, you may ask or suggest them your preference for the lodging and food. Otherwise, I would suggest you to consider Roma Pension Bed and Breakfast as one of your options regarding your room needs while in Puerto Princesa.

Roma Pension Bed and Breakfast

Offers very affordable rates of their rooms bundled with good services for your stay in Palawan.

Air-conditioned Rooms
Televisions with cable channels
Big Table with chairs for guests
Room have own Shower/Comfort Room with Toiletries
WIFI/Internet Connection

Roma Pension Contact Information/Telephone Numbers:
Cellphone numbers: +639397910271/+639267164524
Website Url:
Facebook Page:
176 WESCOM Rd. – San Pedro
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Philippines 5300
See Google Map: Roma Pension Bed and Breakfast Map

For guests booking/check-ins/reviews/comments, kindly go to the following link: Roma Pension Guest Reviews
Room rates can range from Php700.00 up to Php2000.00 (view their website for updated rates)

To see their updated room rates, kindly visit their Facebook page and send your queries. The owner is very responsive and kind.

Well, If you haven’t booked a Palawan Tour Package yet from a Travel Agency, that is not a problem, because, Roma Pension can arrange it for you. Just inform the management days before the scheduled Tour.

Some of the famous tourist spots in Palawan are the following: El Nido, Underground River, Honda Bay Tour/Island Hopping, and City Tour.

Roma Pension Bed and Breakfast - 176 Wescom Road, Puerto Princesa Palawan

Roma Pension’s Big Banner beside the road

I can give only one reference for a place where to stay in Puerto Princesa. The reason is because Roma Pension was the first place in Palawan where I stayed and that was my first travel in Palawan.

Actually, the experience was a satisfaction. The couple (owners) were personally doing the big stuff. From picking-up guests at the airport to preparing breakfast and attending to other guests concern. They were hospitable and lively.

On the other hand, you can choose another place to stay that fits your preference. There are plenty of nice hotels, pensione or resorts that offers quality rooms and services in Palawan.

Puerto Princesa City Palawan – City Tour (Article is almost complete. I will it publish sooner)

The City Tour basically just like any other urban tours wherein you have to roam around the City to see and feel “a something memorable”. Apparently, nothing goes undocumented. So, bringing a camera or a phone with camera on your travel is a must.

More than anything else, by immersing your self  to different communities, engaging people, travel spots, and historical sites you will learn and understand the diversity of life and its humble beginnings. Every travel you gain memories which you can share and cherish for a lifetime.

Of course City Tour in Palawan can be done by your own way or through a Travel Agency with a package tour. Make sure to research or study first the place that you want to explore. Having knowledge about the history and culture of the people in a particular place, enables you to have a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Where to eat in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan?

Mangan Kayon Grill

One of the known restaurants in Puerto Princesa, Palawan where I chose to dine at. The place is very Filipino inspired because of the materials used from tables to chairs, walls, and the floor are made of wood and bamboo. The place is also spacious which makes the ambiance very relaxing.

Their service all in all is quite good. The crews are friendly and responsive to customers who ask for assistance.

Serving of your order could take 15-20 minutes from the time order was taken. This may take longer during peak hours simply because of the volume of customers.

Their Boodle menu is the thing that I like with Mangan Kayon Grill the most. You can choose from a different Boodle sets which could serve 2-5 persons.

Food menu boodle style – sets can be a combinations of grilled chicken, pork meat (belly or barbecue), soup, clams, oysters, crabs, shrimps, fish (kilaw, tuwa), and other seafood that you can choose from. Maybe you can customize your order, simply ask the waiter about it.

For me, their cooking is just right to the taste, it’s very native-Filipino way of cooking.

Mangan Kayon Grill

Mangan Kayon Grill Signage at the entrance area

Food at Mangan Kayon Grill

A boodle set at Mangan Kayon Grill

Mangan Kayon Grill Contact Information

Address: Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan 5300
Cellphone: 639353412891
Telephone: (048) 433-6910
Facebook Page:

Store opens at 11AM-2PM and 6PM-11PM

Kalui Restaurant

Is another popular native restaurant in Puerto Princesa Palawan. They serve wide variety of sea foods (crabs, shrimps, squids, lobsters etc.), vegetables, appetizers, desserts, juice, shakes, beer, wines, and other beverages.

Just by looking at the surroundings of this restaurant makes you feel reinvigorated.

Kalaui Restaurant - Entrance Sign Board with Store Hours

Kalui Restaurant Carved Wood as banner

Kalui Restaurant - Puerto Princesa City Palawan

Food at Kalui Restaurant. The food presentation makes you feel hungry.

Kalui Contact Information:

Address: 369 Rizal Avenue Puerto Princesa City Palawan
Store Hours: Opens Daily (Sundays 11AM-2PM (Lunch) and 6PM-10:30PM (Dinner))
Telephone Number: (048) 433-2580
Mobile Number: (+63)9287539621
Email Address:
Website Url:
Facebook Page Url:

Make an advance call or reservation when you want to go there in group(s) especially during weekend (Saturday/Sunday) because of surge of customers.

For reviews or comments from customers, you can go to this TripAdvisor link: Kalui Restaurant Customer Reviews

There are other suggested restaurants in Puerto Princesa Palawan that you may also want to try like La Terrasse Restaurant, Kinabuch Grill and Bar, Captain Ribs.

To summarize our Palawan Trave Guide;

-Find a comfortable date of your travel. This should not fall on rainy season as you might not be able to visit the Underground River. Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) will not allow tourists to go to Underground River if there are Typhoons, Heavy Rains, and other natural calamities for safety purpose

-Make an itinerary for your travel so that you can have a smooth and less hassle adventure. List all the places that you want to visit especially in City Tour

-Find a place to stay (hotel, pension, resort with rooms, etc.) first where you can leave your things/luggage before going to a tour. Just carry the Camera/Phone with Camera with you and enough cash.

-Camera/Phone must be waterproof/water resistant. If not, buy a waterproof case for it.

-Palawan Tour can be prearranged with a Travel Agency you hired or by your own (not recommended for “first timers”) or by your hotel.

-Be healthy of course to enjoy the beauty of Palawan

So far this will be my Article for Palawan Travel Guide. I will be updating this as soon as when I’m not so busy with other things. I will also soon release the Palawan City Tour Guide. I am just finalizing the details of the article.


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Until next time guys.

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