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Crocolandia Park is operated by Crocolandia Foundation, Inc. was founded way back year 2001 in Biasong, Talisay City, Cebu – with its aim as a conservation center for endangered animals. As a wildlife conservation center, it is responsible for protecting and breeding area for endemic and those animals threatened with extinction such as Saltwater Crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) and the Sailfin Lizards that can be found only in countries like Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Crocolandia Park in Talisay City Cebu is an animal conservation center mainly for Philippine crocodiles and other endangered animals.

It is a home also for animals like civets, rufous hornbill, ostrich, monitor lizards and many others. Crocolandia Park or “Crocolandia” for short, is known for its mini-zoo, ponds, library and museum therefore kids and even adults would love to visit. I would say that this Park, even if it is just considered a small farm or a mini-zoo; it is one of the best tourist attractions in the whole town of Cebu when it comes to nature and wildlife sanctuary. It is the best place to visit together with your family and friends.

Crocolandia Park - crocolandia logo

Crocolandia Park – Crocolandia Foundation, Inc.

Below are some of the animals that you can see inside Crocolandia Talisay Cebu Park:

crocolandia talisay cebu - asian hill myna

Crocolandia Talisay Cebu – Asian Hill Myna

crocolandia talisay cebu - awaken crocodile

Awaken Crocodile

crocolandia talisay cebu - blue-naped parrot

Blue-Naped Parrot

crocolandia talisay cebu - burmese python black

Black Burmese Python

crocolandia talisay cebu - burmese python yellow

Burmese Python Yellow

crocolandia talisay cebu - chattering lory

Chattering Lory

crocolandia talisay cebu - colorful bird

Colorful Bird (I forgot to ask the name of this bird)

crocolandia talisay cebu - common palm civet

Common Palm Civet

crocolandia talisay cebu - indian peafowl

Indian Peafowl

crocolandia talisay cebu - lapu-lapu

Lapu-lapu is the name of this croc, the pride of Crocolandia

crocolandia talisay cebu - malayan civet

Malayan Civet

crocolandia talisay cebu - ostrich


crocolandia talisay cebu - palawan bearcat

Palawan Bearcat

crocolandia talisay cebu - palawan hornbill

Palawan Hornbill

crocolandia talisay cebu - philippine brown deer

Philippine Brown Deer

crocolandia talisay cebu - radiata tortoise

Radiata Tortoise

crocolandia talisay cebu - rufous hornbill

Rufous Hornbill

crocolandia talisay cebu - rufous night heron

Rufous Night Heron

crocolandia talisay cebu - small crocodile

Small Crocodile playing with the water lilies

crocolandia talisay cebu - umbrella cockatoo

Umbrella Cockatoo

crocolandia talisay cebu - wild pig

Wild Pig

crocolandia talisay cebu - writhed hornbill

Writhed Hornbill

Crocolandia Park also has a museum and library that you can see in the middle of the park.
Crocolandia Park Cebu Museum:

crocolandia talisay cebu - at the museum

at the museum and library

Inside the museum are variety of preserved bones of crocodiles and deers being displayed. You can see sailfin lizards, tortoise and variety of birds. Animal bones are preserved for documentation and study purposes. At the second floor of the building where the library is located. You can read selected books which are related to nature and animals.

The park also has a playground for kids. This means that Crocolandia Park is not just for couples and friends, but it is also a conducive place to spend quality time with your family. The play area is not big but quite enough for your kids to enjoy.

Playground or Play Area for kids:

crocolandia talisay cebu - kids enjoy playing

Seeing kids while they enjoy playing is something parents would love to watch.

crocolandia talisay cebu - playing time for kids

Let’s slide and be a kid once again.

crocolandia tailsay cebu - playing area for kids

Playing area for kids at Crocolandia

crocolandia talisay cebu - playing ground for kids

Seesaw | teeter-totter | teeterboard or how do you call it.

By walking around inside the Park you will see some colorful flowers in the garden. There are also big and tall trees almost in every corner of the Park.

Colorful Flowers at Crocolandia:

crocolandia talisay cebu - santan flowers

Santan flowers at Crocolandia

crocolandia talisay cebu - fresh flowers

Nice flower

If you want to buy something, eat or dine; the park has dining area called “Crocolandia Grill”. If you would bring some foods with you, just ask the staff at the entrance area if it is allowed or if there is some corkage | charge | fee. Anyway, to be safe; better to call and ask them prior to your visit. You can also buy gifts or souvenirs at the souvenir shop. In fact, they are selling various items like printed t-shirts, key-chains, coin purse and many others.

Crocolandia Grill | Cafe | Restaurant | Dining Area:

crocolandia talisay cebu - cafe and restaurant

Crocolandia Dining Area

After you enjoy the close encounter with the animals, the archives and important facts in the library, the preserved bone structure of the animals in the museum, the tall trees, the colorful flowers and landscapes, the playground for kids, and after filling your stomach with the delicious food served at the grill | restaurant; you might be interested with having a relaxation while sitting at the park and watching rare, big and colorful fishes swimming in the pond. The Park is quiet. You can only hear the sounds produced by different animals and it’s a guarantee that you can surely have a wildlife experience.

Take some time to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature in the park.

crocolandia talisay cebu - big pond

Big Pond

crocolandia talisay cebu - park and pond

Relaxation time at the pond.

How to go to Crocolandia?

Crocolandia is located in Barangay Biasong, Talisay City, Cebu
Sharing the Map I created with the help of Google Map ( See below.

crocolandia talisay cebu - map

Map going to Crocolandia Park Talisay City, Cebu

For visitors from Cebu City, Northern and Southern Cebu area (with private vehicle):
If you have a car or other transportation service, travelling via South Road Properties (SRP) also known as Cebu South Coastal Road is preferably convenient when it comes to mobility and shorter travel time due to fast moving traffic. But you can still opt to access the city main road. For visitors coming from Southern Cebu, you can access the SRP after passing the Town of Minglanilla through Natalio Bacalso National Highway and by turning right before the intersection ahead (with traffic light) to access SRP. Once you arrive at the intersection or crossing (with traffic light) controlling the traffic between SRP, San Isidro Road and the Street going to Dumlog Talisay, go left turn if your origin is from Cebu City and Northern Cebu or right turn if you’re from Minglanilla Cebu or Southern part of Cebu. Just go straight accessing Dumlog Street until you reach the Arbee’s Bakeshop or the Green Building with a Salon named Simply Flora in the right side near the crossing or cross road. Before you will reach the crossing and the landmark you will see a small wet market of Barangay Dumlog Talisay. At the crossing, turn to right and go straight ahead. Our Landmark would be the short bridge crossing the Mananga River. Few meters away after crossing the bridge via Burgos Street, you can see in the right side; the entrance Gate of Crocolandia Park. Then, Happy Arrival! Welcome to Crocolandia!

crocolandia talisay cebu - entrance

Entrance Gate of Crocolandia Park

If you want to travel via PUVs (Public Utility Vehicles) such as Taxi | Van for hire | Jeepney | Motorcycle | Tricycle | Motorcycle | Pedicab. There will be less convenient if you travel by Pedicab literally due to some rough roads and dust. But, if you want to experience the Xplorer way, Go on. Ride a pedicab. For those who will travel by Van or Jeepney or Tricycle or Motorcycle, our starting point would be the main Landmark, the Gaisano Fiesta Mall in Tabunok, Talisay. At the starting point, there are jeepneys having 42D code that will pass by and pick-up some passengers going to Dumlogand Talisay Town Proper. At starting point which is the Gaisano Fiesta Mall in Tabunok Talisay, you can ride a taxi or a jeepney or a tricycle or a motorcycle (Habal-habal) or pedicab. Plenty of transpo options isn’t it? 🙂 Crocolandia is known in town, you can just tell the driver that you want to go to Crocolandia in Biasong, Talisay. Same with the travel procedure mentioned above, just follow the procedure. The Park is very much accessible to the public and the travel is just within 25-30 minutes away from our starting point.

Crocolandia’s Guests Experience | Reviews:
Rating 1-2 Thumbs up (1 as Lowest and 2 as Highest)
For me I would give the Park and Staff a 2 Thumbs up for the service and experience I had. I’ve rated the park according to my own experience.

Contact Numbers and Information:
Full Address: Biasong Dumlog, Talisay City, Cebu
Telephone Numbers: (032) 273-1842 | (032) 511-9857
Email Address:
Facebook Page: Crocolandia
Website: Crocolandia at Weebly

Park’s Fees and other Charges:
Entrance fee: Php100 each for adults | Php50 each for kids
Corkage: Call them for info (see contact numbers published above)
Reservations: Call them for proper scheduling (see contact numbers published above)
Fishing Rods and Bait: Ask the information staff for assistance (if still available and allowed)

Car Parking Area:
You can Park for free, Park’s security staff at the gate will assist you.

This place is cool and wild. Why not check ’em out?
Have a safe and enjoyable trip. Yours truly – CX

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